90JILI Club VIP Membership Program

Have you ever heard of the 90JILI Club VIP program? Currently, among many bookmakers competing fiercely in the online betting market, 90JILI is the one providing the most attractive VIP program for all registered members. Let’s learn more about this program.

What is the VIP program at 90JILI Club?

What is the VIP program at 90JILI Club?

Surely many of you will be interested when hearing about this program at Bookmaker 90JILI. Just visit 90JILI, it is important to register to become a member and login, you can easily find out information about the VIP program on the home page. This program was built with the mission of bringing a completely new environment with the most exclusive services only for players who reach the VIP level of bookmaker 90JILI.

The main mission of the VIP program is to provide high-level bettors at the bookmaker, whether on the 90JILI mobile app or website, with the opportunity to receive the most professional customer care services and access the ultimate betting ecosystem. To become a member of the VIP club, bettors need to make efforts to accumulate betting revenue and achieve high rankings through the bookmaker’s attractive betting options.

After becoming a VIP player by accessing the 90JILI standard link, you can immediately contact the VIP club to register and undergo a review to qualify for rewards. Essentially, 90JILI VIP level is where the highest-ranking members gather and it serves as a means for 30JILI to appreciate the contributions and dedication of its VIP members.

How to join the VIP level after betting on the 90JILI club?

How to join the VIP level after betting on the 90JILI club?

After accessing the 90JILI link and betting on 90JILI, you still cannot immediately join the bookmaker’s VIP program. After registering with 90JILI, the house will start conducting statistics for you from the first bet. Regardless of the amount of bet, big or small, the important thing is that if you bet regularly and diligently conduct 30JILI betting, you will have the house total of the bet tickets accumulated over a period of time. time.

Platinum VIP level with 90JILI standard access

With the platinum level, the house still reports betting revenue within 30 days from when you reach the gold level. The minimum total bet you must accumulate is 20 million 500 thousand. If you become a platinum VIP level, you will receive the following incentives: 0.38% refund for sports options, 0.70% for online casino, 0.70% for slots, and a time limit Bonus points last for 120 days.

Diamond VIP level when accessing the 90JILI link mobile

With the diamond level, only at this level, will you receive a separate invitation from the dealer when accessing the link to 90JILI. That is, the house will consider throughout a lengthy process the frequency of betting, the total bet, as well as the number of wins to determine the conditions for becoming a diamond VIP member. If you reach the diamond VIP level, you will receive the following incentives: a 0.45% refund for sports options, 0.80% for online casino, 1% for slots, a bonus points period that lasts 180 days, and dedicated personal support from a specialist.

Accumulate bonus points when accessing the 90JILI link

90JILI Club

The validity period for VIP members’ reward points after accessing the 90JILI mobile link and logging in to 90JILI will be different depending on the level. Of course, for Diamond VIP members, after logging in with 90JILI, your reward redemption period will be the longest. With the number of accumulated bonus points corresponding to the level of play, you will use them to redeem rewards at Bookmaker 90JILI. The reward redemption list at the house is organized into a separate reward point club. You can refer to the 90JILI homepage. With each reward point, you will be able to exchange it for a number of valuable prizes such as fossil watches, swiss watches, iPads, phones, or wireless Apple keyboards.

Benefits when becoming a VIP member after logging in to 90JILI

After accessing the link to 90JILI, logging in to 90JILI, and becoming a VIP member of the house, you will be able to receive many benefits, specifically as follows:

  • VIP members will receive special rewards in cashback, deposit, and winner promotions.
  • VIP members will accumulate points to redeem valuable gifts.
  • VIP members will enjoy the most professional customer care service.

Become a VIP member after registering for 90JILI today

With all the above information, you definitely should not miss the opportunity to become a VIP member of the house when accessing the standard link of 90JILI. Experience betting, get exclusive services, and participate in exciting promotional rewards. Once you reach this level, you will enjoy exclusive VIP-level programs only available at 90JILI Club.